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10 Of The Most Iconic ’80s Fashion Men Trends – A Must-See List!

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10 Of The Best '80s Fashion Trends Men Can Still Rock Today

In recent years, 80s fashion men’s styles have made a comeback and continue to be trendy in various fashion circles. High-waisted jeans, shoulder pads, bright hues, vivid designs, and flared trousers among other famous 1980s fashion trends, have been reinvented and incorporated into modern fashion styles. Many designers and shops have also released collections and apparel lines inspired by the 1980s. Popular TV dramas and movies set in the 1980s have also led to a resurgent interest in 80s fashion trends. Overall, while not everyone likes an 80s-inspired look, it remains a popular and important fashion trend. This article will go through the 10 Best ’80s Fashion Trends for Men.

The 1980s was a decade that saw a lot of bold and vibrant fashion trends for men. Here are 10 of the best ’80s fashion trends for men:

1.  Hawaiian Shirts:

Hawaiian Shirts : modern 80s fashion men

Hawaiian shirts, also known as aloha shirts, and 80s style men’s casual shirts trending throughout the ’80s were often made of lightweight fabric with vibrant, colorful designs. They are usually worn untucked with a relaxed, loose fit. Hawaiian shirts are most known for their popularity on the Hawaiian Islands, which have been popular since the 1930s.

2. Polo Shirts with Pop-Up Collars:

Polo Shirts with Pop-Up Collars:

Polo shirts with pop-up collars were popular among guys in the men 80s fashion and remain fashionable today. With their clean and preppy appearance, these shirts provide a traditional and adaptable alternative that may be dressed up or down. Furthermore, the pop-up collar adds refinement and flare to any ensemble.

3.   Tracksuits:

Tracksuits : men's fashion

Tracksuits, including tracksuits, were 80s fashion trends for men, and then shell suits made of nylon became popular in the 1980s. However, the practice of wearing shell suits only lasted a few years. Tracksuits became popular again in the late 1990s.

4. Leather Jackets:

Leather Jackets: men trending fashion

Leather jackets are the quintessential 80s fashions trends for men, exuding rugged masculinity and effortlessly cool. With their timeless style and versatile nature, they remain a popular choice for modern men looking to channel the iconic looks of the past. From punk rockers to movie stars, the leather jacket remains a must-have staple of 80s fashion for men.

5. Neon Colours:

Neon Colours- 80's men fashion trends

Neon colors were the perfect choice for men in 80s fashion. Bold and vibrant, they added a touch of futuristic flair to any outfit. From fluorescent pink t-shirts to bright green tracksuits, neon was everywhere in 80s fashion for men. Embrace the nostalgia and rock these vibrant hues today!

6. Graphic Tees:

Graphic Tees : 80s style for men

Graphic tees have been a staple of 80’s men’s fashion trends since the 1980s. These shirts epitomized the laid-back atmosphere of the era, whether they were covered with vivid designs, funny slogans, or pop culture references. They are a classic and treasured staple of men’s 80s fashion, perfect for matching with acid-wash denim and high-top shoes.

7. Lacey Shirts:

Lacey Shirts : 80s fashion for men

Lacey shirts are the perfect choice for men embracing the ’80s men’s fashion trends. These shirts, often featuring delicate lace detailing, were a popular staple of the era’s men’s fashion. Whether dressed up for a night out or paired with jeans for a casual look, lacey shirts will make a statement.

8. High Waisted Jeans:

High Waisted Jeans: 80s look for men

High-waisted jeans are a stylish and on-trend choice for men looking to embrace the ’80s fashion for men. This classic style features a high waistline that elongates the legs and accentuates the waist. Paired with a tucked-in shirt or sweater, high-waisted jeans make for a timeless and sophisticated look.

 9. Acid Washed Jeans:

Acid Washed Jeans: 80s fashion for  men

Acid-washed jeans are a must-have item of ’80s menswear. Their unusual appearance reflects a rebellious spirit that typified the era. Whether combined with a leather jacket or a graphic shirt, these jeans were the ultimate fashion statement for guys who wanted to show their uniqueness in the 1980s.

10.High Top Sneakers:

High Top Sneakers:80s fashion for men

High-top sneakers were a staple of ’80s style for men’s fashion in the 1980s., providing flair and functionality. These shoes were frequently coupled with eye-catching colors and patterns, creating a powerful statement everywhere they went. High-top sneakers were ideal for males who wanted to stay on-trend in the 1980s, from the basketball court to the dance floor.


What Should Guys Wear To An 80s Party?

For an 80s party, guys can wear acid-washed or ripped jeans, band t-shirts, bomber jackets, leather jackets, neon-colored clothing, high-top sneakers, and aviator sunglasses. Accessories such as snapback hats, sweatbands, and chunky jewelry can also add to the 80s look.

What Did Rockers Wear In The 80s?

Rockers in the 80s often wore tight-fitting leather pants, ripped denim, band t-shirts, studded belts, and leather jackets. They also frequently accessorized with chunky jewelry, spiked bracelets, and high-top sneakers or leather boots.

What Was Popular In The 80s Fashion Men?

In the 80s, popular fashion trends for men included acid wash jeans, leather jackets, bomber jackets, tracksuits, colorful blazers, and oversized clothing. Accessorizing with items like aviator sunglasses, fedoras, and chunky bracelets was also common.

How Do Men Dress In The 80s Style?

The 80s style for men included bright and bold colors, oversized tops, tight jeans or leather pants, and accessories such as thick belts, suspenders, and aviator sunglasses. Athletic wear like tracksuits and sneakers were also popular. Don’t forget the big hair and mustaches!


To summarize, the 1980s were a decade of fashion innovation and daring that continues to impact present fashion trends. Men may still make dramatic statements by wearing various ’80s fashion styles nowadays. From acid-washed denim to graphic t-shirts, these ’80s fashion mainstays are adaptable and can be dressed to create a distinctive look. Whether you adopt one or more of these trends into your wardrobe, remember that fashion is about self-expression and having fun with your style.

Zyako Zyako aims at providing interesting and valuable information on various trending niche such as Travel, Food, Fashion, Gift Ideas, Home, Pet, Sports and many more. Stay Tuned for regular updates!

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